Traditional Framing

Traditional picture framing encompasses a wide variety of possibilities. In this case, we are referring to anything except for three dimensional pieces. ie: photos, posters, prints, newspaper clippings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, documents, etc., etc., etc.

Beautiful 19th century pastoral oil painting

Beautiful 19th century pastoral oil painting
18 carat gold frame with finished corners appropriate to the period

childs drawing

A child's drawing made to look like even more of a masterpiece by using a gold leaf frame


College Diploma framed with a traditional black and gold frame with a black mat

fruit bowl

Oil painting of a still life, accented with a teal fillet to pull out the teal in the reflection

black and white

Black and White Photo
Our client wanted to see both sides of a photograph and envelope. We assembled it with two mats front and back, two pieces of glass, and made a stand out of the same moulding that was used to frame the pieces.

Contemporary Signed Monoprint

Contemporary Signed Monoprint
Framed with a simple black metal frame, white mat close to the color of the paper, and a black painted bevel

Watercolor of Flowers

Watercolor of Flowers
This is an elegant frame design for an elegant painting by Meg Page. Her watercolor of flowers are enhanced by using a gold leaf frame and gold leaf fillet inside a silk mat.

Military Medals

Military Medals
These military medals are part of our client's father's history... now visible and also a part of his history.

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis
This photo of Ray Lewis is part of a client's collection of football memorabilia

Salvador Dali

The design for this piece of artwork by Salvador Dali features:

*A Double rag mat with a painted bevel on the top mat.
This gives another design element to draw the eye to the art without adding too much "bulk".

* A deep frame to accommodate the handmade black spacers.
The spacers add drama to the frame design and make it compatible with the art.

* Museum glass which allows the beauty of the art to be viewed without the distraction of glare.
This glass also protects the art from harmful UV rays.

French Matting

Below are examples of french matting. French mats were devised in the 19th century, to enhance artwork on paper like etchings, drawings and watercolors. They consisted of ruled lines and watercolor panels in any combination that the artist/framer decided. The “art” of the French mat saw a strong revival in the 1980’s when more embellishments were added to the design box, like marbleized paper, ribbon, seals, etc. That said, the elegance and sophistication of a traditional French mat can’t be denied.

The Mitre Box framed paintings